Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chief Innovation Officer

About three months ago, I joined Lockheed Martin STS as their Chief Innovation Officer. I have been wanting to pursue a project that was quite different from the direction that Teleplace has been going, and after about a year of discussion, it was clear that the direction I wanted to go and what Lockheed Martin was looking for fit extremely well.

It is too early to talk about what I will be doing, but if it works the way I think it should, it could have some very big results and may have an impact on everyone someday. I can tell you it is a very different world inside of a big company - there is still a requirement to be entrepreneurial and sell the ideas, but once a big company like this gets behind it, the resources available are simply amazing.

More to come for sure...


Hans N. Beck said...

So that means goodbye Smalltalk and/or goodbye Croquet ? But anyway, you are a real innovator, so I am very curious what to come... ;-)

Coralights said...

David - I have just tracked you down after finding stored away in my collections a hardly used (it was a difficult game if I recall correctly) complete in box IBM pc version of the colony - possibly the oldest remnant of a time long before 3-d today. Fascinating.
kind regards