Thursday, February 05, 2009

On/off world

Brandon Boyer at Boing Boing Offworld was kind enough to post a link to the Colony videos I made. You can see it here:

A Look Back At the Colony


brasspen said...

Those videos were great. A lot of the video games of the 80s had a lot of charm as a result of the limitations the creators had, it seems to me. The look reminds me of a maze and mouse game called Ratrun I played on a Commodore PET around 1982. Fun stuff.

"Eagles Of Honor" said...

Holy cannolli the InterNet rocks ....
Here I am -- I get a hankerin' for interactive entertainment at it's best, which -- IMHO -- uses 1st person perspective 3D; so I look to the *creator* of that & here I find ....
A Wikipedia Entry For "The Colony" > A Wikipedia Entry For It's Author > The Author's Blog > A Link To bOING bOING > COLONY VIDEOS !!!

How cool's *that* ?!?
Kudos, David, on a very very innovative piece of software on the most cutting edge machine.
The Herald of The Golden Age -- the 16-Bit Era -- the Apple Macintosh Plus computer.