Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The ICE Videos

ICE stands for Interactive Collaboration Environment. This is the real proto-Croquet architecture I built at Virtus. The ideas were strongly influenced by Apple's OpenDoc architecture and conversations with Alan Kay. There were two versions of this, one with some really neat recursive drag and drop capabilities. This system was collaborative from the start, including voice and video. The "avatars" were flying TVs with video images of the other users on them. The video was from some special cards that are long gone, so I could not show that in this demo. Once again, thanks to David Easter for providing the machine I used to record this demo. David also designed much of the component architecture that we built here. The second video is in some ways even more interesting than the first. We actually made the entire ICE system itself a component which meant that we could drag and drop ICE into a 3D window in the space. Early portals!

Enjoy it.

ICE Version 1

ICE Version 2


Green Phosphor Scientist said...

Could this be used as prior art to defend virtual worlds companies against worlds.com lawsuits?


David A. Smith said...

Same aspects perhaps. Also, note work done by Randy Farmer and Chip Morningstar on Habitat (1986), AlphaWorlds/ActiveWorlds (1994), and Meridien 59 (1995). Certainly ICE is prior art for direct interactions with objects in collaborative 3D environments.