Monday, January 19, 2009

The Colony Videos

I finally got around to posting the videos I made of The Colony. I had to borrow an old Macintosh from David Easter (who also did the ports to the PC and the Amiga) to make these, and I used a video camera to record them. This demonstrates the game, and I talk a bit about the technology behind it and why I designed the game play the way I did. Let me know what you think. I will also be posting some videos of Virtus ICE (Interactive Collaboration Environment). This was where the ideas for what became Croquet and then Qwaq Forums began.

The Colony videos are in two parts and you can see them here.

Part 1:

Part 2:


glyph said...

Any chance we'll be seeing a remake of "The Colony (Color)" In 2010? :-D

This game had a huge impact on me when I was growing up; it still routinely comes up in conversations about game design with my friends (some of whom are professional game designers). I ran across your blog while idly cruising the 'net looking for a way to get it to run in a 68k mac emulator. Seeing that you had to borrow a physical computer in order to do it, I'm discouraged. Is there any hope for such a thing?

Christopher Evans said...

I am doing a write-up on Game Engines and their use for Previs. There is a lot of info about you working on a prototype with Cameron in the Abyss days, could I get an email or two from you confirming that and adding anything?