Thursday, February 21, 2008


Andreas Raab wrote:

In its ongoing commitment to Open Source, Qwaq has decided to release
the first multi-core capable Croquet VM under the MIT license.

Hydra VM is a virtual machine capable of running multiple Croquet images
side-by-side, therefore being able to effectively utilize multi-core
CPUs. Hydra VM is still in an early phase of development, but given the
(very successful) early results, Qwaq has decided to make it available
to general public in the hope that other people will help Igor to make
further progress in developing Hydra VM.

The offical release is available here:

and contains the following files:

* - A prebuilt Windows version of Hydra VM.
* - The (C) source tree for building Hydra VM.
* - The (Squeak) packages needed to build Hydra VM.

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