Monday, September 24, 2007

Qwaq + Intel = Collaborative Mirimar

Qwaq and Intel just announced that we will be collaborating to bring Mirimar technologies that were developed at Intel to market. This is exciting for a number of reasons. Mirimar is a beautiful and seamless interface with the users desktop, which will make Qwaq Forums even more of a compelling experience. And of course we get the opportunity to work directly with Intel and in particular with John David Miller, one of the principals behind Mirimar to develop and integrate this technology. JDM is definitely one of us - and we have had a lot of fun working with and learning from him over the last year. It will be fun to roll this product out the door.

Press release here:
Intel-Qwaq Press Release

Official video of Justin Rattner's keynote including a guest appearance by Greg Nuyens. This seems to require IE and a PC:
Intel Developer Forum Webcasts

This is just the video part - no slides, but seems to work everywhere:
Intel Developer Forum Video

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