Saturday, April 14, 2007

Qwaq and Croquet at HASTAC

We will be demoing Qwaq Forums at the HASTAC conference at Duke next week.

From their site:

"A consortium of humanists, artists, scientists, social scientists and engineers from universities and other civic institutions across the U.S. and internationally, HASTAC ("Haystack") is committed to new forms of collaboration across communities and disciplines fostered by creative uses of technology.Since 2003, we have been developing tools for multimedia archiving and social interaction, gaming environments for teaching, innovative educational programs in information science and information studies, virtual museums, and other digital projects. HASTAC leaders have served as consultants to U.S. and international organizations and governments on grid computing and cyberinfrastructure.Our aim is to promote expansive models for thinking, teaching, and research. To view a presentation on HASTAC, please click on the presentation attached."

Check it the conference here:

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