Friday, June 03, 2005

Reworking the system

I have been quiet for a while, primarily because I have had little to write about. I am reworking a lot of the low-level architecture of Croquet, and since I have been making so little apparent progress, there wasn't much to tell. I am making more progress now, and should have a simple version up in the next few weeks.

The major change is that portals become the center of all of the UI experience. This includes using a portal for rendering the screen itself. Also, each portal will be responsible for it's own UI. This means that any portal can act as the view-screen, and you can change how Croquet works by simply providing a new portal which has a different interface. It should be pretty simple for people to use this, and I will have a number of examples.

One way this should work is if you walk through a portal into another space, your interface will be a clone of the portal you just walked through. Snapshots become portals as well. This will also incorporate the filters/tasks model that I wrote about previously. This should be a much simpler and more powerful UI model.