Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm Back...

With a combination of travel, being sick, and having nothing much to write about (actually a lot of interesting things - just nothing I can really tell anyone) here I am again.

David Reed has factored out TeaTime into a standalone system. I am going to be making some significant changes to the UI design of Croquet, and since this is where Croquet has the most impact on TeaTime, it made sense for me to work with a blank slate - that is, bring Croquet to TeaTime instead of integrating TeaTime into Croquet. The end result should be a lot more robust and more in keeping with our overall goal of transforming the system around the TeaTime architecture.

I am starting with a very simple text example, which, once it works, I will be sharing here.


Jerry Bell said...

Will the standalone TeaTime system be available?

Croqueteer said...

Possibly, though I doubt it. We will be making some rather deep changes to Squeak/Croquet as we move forward, so it may be difficult to disentangle Croquet from TeaTime. Also, we don't want to support multiple frameworks.