Thursday, January 06, 2005


Originally uploaded by Croqueteer.
I have been working on portals for the past many weeks in preparation of working on the task and filter portals system and the new Wicket CAD tool in particular. Here is an example of a portal literally seeing into itself recursively, which was one of the fixes I made. This was not a critical piece of code to get working, but it does demonstrate that the math is accurate, which is crucial if we want to build something more complex on top of this system.


Howard Stearns said...

How does this bottom out so that we don't get an infinite loop?

Croqueteer said...

There is a max recursion counter used by the TSpace>>#renderSpace:port:depth:ghostFrame: which is accessed by OpenGL>>#maxPortalDepth. This is currently initialized to a depth of 5, but you can set it to anything you like.