Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Wicket Day 1

I need to make the user's laser pointer bounce properly in the mirrors and through portals. There are two reasons for this - the first is that it looks crappy to other users when you select an object through a mirror and the laser points in some random direction. The reason this happens is the selection is occurring in the frame of the space on the other side of the portal, but is being drawn in the local space. This can only be fixed by breaking the laser into pieces, one for each portal it traverses. The problem with this is it means I need to track all of these laser segments as they render in the remote spaces. I do something similar now with the Avatar down ray. I add a "foot frame" to whatever the down ray finds. This is how I have the avatar move with whatever it is on top of. I just add the delta translation of the foot frame to the avatar's position.

The second reason I need to track the bounce is that a portal will be able to add a task to the pointer when it picks through. If I have multiple portals, I will add multiple tasks - though I have no idea what this means in practice.

I have been thinking about this problem for way to long, and it is time to "Just Do It" tm. I took my Ritalin, killed the Spider Solitaire, the kids have left the building, and now I am ready to roll...

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