Thursday, December 02, 2004

Fixing and finding bugs

I want to finish up the bug fixing for the old Wicket editor. I don't plan to use this for the next version, but I am interested in why it went south so badly. Also, I will look into the texture problem with the duplicated textures. Finally, I need to figure out why the bound sphere for the sierpinski in MadHatter is in the wrong place. I think that for some reason it is not getting updated, so it is still at 0,0,0.

I completed the paper for the C5 conference. I think the ideas are pretty good, though I would have liked to discuss the conceptual details a bit more (and a bit better). It turns out that the MVC model is very similar to what we came up with to solve modeless interactions in collaborative 3D. Here is an interesting overview of MVC by the creator of the idea:

MVC History

Another important early paper was written by Adele Goldberg and Dave Robson entitled:

"A Metaphor for User Interface Design."

Unfortunately, we simply could not find a web reference to this paper which was published as part of the U of Hawaii Symposium on System Science. Ted Kaehler was kind enough to provide me with a digitized copy. Alan was also surprised that this was so hard to come by, and suggested that we should have an online repository for some of the important papers in the field (at least the ones that we think are important).

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An online repository is a great idea. Have you tried using it's pretty good for finding documents. However, it was unable to find a copy of the listed document.