Sunday, November 14, 2004

To Do

There are still a few major gotchas in Jasmine that need to be sorted out before I jump into the Next Big Thing. This list is far from complete, but at least you can see what I am looking at doing.

- Removed TObjects do not go away sometimes. The reason is they may be sending themselves future messages, which in turn send future messages. Hence, these loose objects are hanging around simply by keeping themselves in the future message queue.

- The Wicket CAD system is in bad shape. For some reason, the corner handles are in the wrong place.

- Sometimes, when we first connect, an error occurs because before the connection, we are sharing the same TAvatar. The complicated thing is that this avatar is removed from the scene graph but doesn't know it yet.

- There is a very noticable performance hit sometimes after we connect. Andreas just upgraded the MessageTally system so that I can better track where our time is going.

Hope to have these figured out in the next day or so.

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