Monday, November 08, 2004

I am really back

Back from Boston where I met with Andreas and David R for a couple of days. We made significant progress in planning for the next major steps in Croquet and in understanding the nature of the dichotomy between TeaTime and the meta architecture - why one approach seems to be better for some things and the other approach seems to be better for other things. This understanding led us to a very useful insight that will have a direct impact on the nature of the architecture moving forward. I will attempt to discuss this further later on.

I am also back from being really sick. Today I feel -almost- normal, so I hope I can catch up on my work. My wife points out that this never happens. No matter how much I get done, I always feel like I am behind. Oh, well...

So the major tasks in front of me at the moment are:

- Enhance Alan's demos for the Kyoto prize. I need to get this done by Wed. Preferrably get it done today.
- Write the C5 paper. This is due on Nov. 15. We just decided on the topic on Friday and I need to actually write some code for this.
- Build Wicket 2. This is part of the C5 paper, but is more important to have for the actual talk in January.
- Debug Croquet. There are a lot of things that need to get done there.
- Minimal Croquet Documentation. This will have to wait a bit, as I have more pressing matters (I know you all hate me for saying that, but there it is...)

At least I feel better now, so I can get this done. I didn't get anything accomplished except for the Boston discussions last week.

Onward, onward...

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