Sunday, October 17, 2004

Blogger = Poor formatting

Blogger does a particularly poor job of formatting just about everything. It is certainly easy to use, but the quality of posts, especially things like code, and the way it handles emailed blogs is unacceptable. If anyone knows a better system, please let me know.

As an example, spaces are as important in a sentence as the words.


Unfortunately, I can't show you an example where multiple spaces add to the meaning of a sentence, because BLOGGER STRIPS THEM OUT. What is worse, they had to write code to do this, as the text would have printed just fine otherwise. In fact, it looks fine in the editor. This is stoopid.


Donovan said...

Blogger isn't actually stripping out any spaces. For example, if you view the HTML source of the "At Jawjaw Tek" post, you will see that the indentation of the code snippets is preserved. However, the HTML spec claims that whitespace is insignificant (it actually isn't, but that's another story) and so browsers reduce consecutive whitespaces into a single space, including newlines.

The simplest fix for this is to simply start using some HTML tags in your posts, namely the "pre" tag, which tells browsers that whitespace is significant. Unfortunately, this also turns off automatic line wrapping, but as long as the text you put inside the pre tag is already wrapped at 80 columns or some other sane place you will be fine.

Croqueteer said...

I kind of figured that was the case - though a blogging app should not do this, even if it is "in the spec". It should really be wysiwyg.

Anonymous said...

Why not use and adapt SmallBlog? Causey