Thursday, September 23, 2004

Fixing Mad Hatter

Today I am visiting with David R to fix up Mad Hatter. David thinks
that these bugs should be quite easy to fix. Hope he is right.

Currently David is working on a modification to the Squeak garbage
collector parameters. What is neat is that the GC actually has these
parameters available to modify. It turns out (according to David) that
these values were set based upon extremely small memory footprints and
relatively slow machines. Since we have significantly more RAM to work
with these days (none of my machines has less than 512 Meg) and good
virtual memory, we can actually perform GCs less often. What David is
doing is modifying a max allocation counter that keeps track of the
number of allocations before a GC based upon the time it takes to
perform a GC with the goal of having it be less than 10 milliseconds.
This is the value that is required to ensure that multimedia
applications, like sound and video, don't have any interrupt. It does
seem to have a good impact on the performance of Croquet.

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